Saturday, 10 January 2015

The latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights is out

Please find a link to the latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights here

‘Volatility and fearful investors’

In newsflow terms not a heavy last week but as for market was a fascinating one essentially sequentially down, down, up, up, down...and ultimately (in the S&P500 index) only slightly down for the week.  Interesting times ahead of the earnings season deluge due over the next few weeks.

So what were my highlights of the last week?
  • US – market volatility and fading momentum;
  • US #2 – if wages don’t go up then neither will interest rates;
  • Global – follow the youthful population;
  • Emerging markets – disliked but look at the fundamentals;
  • China – taking advantage of volatility to economically change;
  • Europe/Japan – in one chart why they have a problem;
  • Europe #2 – the “Grexit” chart says it all;
  • And finally…Monsanto speaks about agriculture & watch out on a Friday

Chris Bailey                                                                                 
Founder, Financial Orbit

Twitter: @financial_orbit

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