Friday, 24 January 2020

Weekly links

The end of the conventional working week again...not that I run to anything like a conventional schedule, especially during earnings season.  Nevertheless, a few links I can share with you. 

First, always a pleasure to appear on Talk Radio every Friday at 5.15am and Love Sport Radio every working day at either 7.15am (or 7.45am - the latter looks progressively like the new slot) to talk about some of the leading business stories in the world.  You can access their respective radioplayers here and here.  

As usual I appeared on the VOX Podcast talking about UK equities here

I have also been continuing to write on ShareProphets and three of my favourite articles over the last week have been...

Sweet but no cigar at Hotel Chocolat

Has Fevertree completely lost its fizz?

Intu Properties mooted to ask shareholders for the odd billion quid to keep the shopping centre lights on

...which you can find here, here and here.