Sunday, 6 October 2019

Weekly links

Another set of weekly links, although - as always - these only just mildly scratch the surface.  Sadly I can only show so much here as much of my output is behind client paywalls. 

Anyhow, if you would like to hear me on the radio, tune into Love Sport Radio here at c. 6.45am Monday-Friday for a five minute chat through of some business stories.  Alternatively on a Friday at c. 5.20am, I have a fifteen minute slot on Talk Radio.  For the latter listen here. 

Otherwise, I spoke on the Vox Markets podcast about a variety of issues impacting UK equities as you can listen here.  

Meanwhile three of my favourite articles that I wrote on ShareProphets during the last week were...

I descend to the AIM cesspit...but emerge still loving up Breedon

As Tesco and Metro Bank prove today: management matters

Good luck BP shareholders with the 'man to win over the millennials'

...which you can read here, here and here.  

Monday, 30 September 2019

A few weekly links

Lots going on as always and please check out my Twitter feed @financial_orbit for multiple daily updates on a variety of subjects.  Additionally - as i have talked about in recent weeks - you can listen to me talk about financial/business matters on Talk Radio every Friday at 5.20am and Love Sport Radio every weekday at 6.45am.  

Last Thursday I also appeared on the Vox Markets podcast here  talking about 'market red flags' and a bunch of stocks.  

And - as always - i have been writing on Share Prophets and a couple of articles I particularly liked were...

Aston Martin foolishly thinks raising money at 12% is good business

Are my positive views on Imperial Brands up in smoke?

...which you can read here and here.  

Friday, 20 September 2019

Weekly links

Another busy week...and another set of links from the selection of content i can share with you (and which is not behind various corporate paywalls).  As always, please follow my twitter handle @financial_orbit for multiple day-to-day updates and observations.

First, another mention that you can hear me on Talkradio each week on a Friday at approximately 5.15am talking about prevailing key business stories.  Their radioplayer is here.

Also every weekday morning i appear for about five minutes on the Lovesport breakfast show at about 6.45am, to give a brief rundown of some business tinged stories.  Their radioplayer is here.

On the Vox Markets podcast i mused about three UK companies here.  

Meanwhile on ShareProphets, a couple of my favourite articles which i wrote in the last week are...

I shockingly agree with Vince Cable on the London Stock Exchange

Kingfisher – as one French CEO ends, another one starts...

...which you can read here and here.