Saturday, 10 January 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are a list of the five most popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus link to one posting that did not make the cut.  

1. The always popular Stories we should be thinking about was the most-viewed posting of the last week (link here).  

2. The 15 Global Stocks for 2015 posting made it onto the list for the second week in a row.  Link here.  

3. Similarly 15 Macro Thoughts for 2015 also made the cut,  Link here.  

4. A charts and thoughts today post on Friday was the fourth most viewed - this one ranged from Chinese inflation, the thoughts of Mario Draghi to the costs of a basket of UK shopping goods and risk-reward ratios of multiple asset classes.  Link here.  

5. Monday's wrap with thoughts ranging from Grexit to global growth levels to inflation was the fifth most popular posting.  Link here.  

And the bonus posting is this one titled 'Monsanto - impressed by and patiently waiting for that bad day' which I wrote following results from the world's largest seed company.  

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