Saturday, 21 February 2015

The latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights is out

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‘The kicking the can down the road edition’

So - apparently - there is some element of a deal for Greece although the more I read about it the more I think that it is nothing really more than kicking the can down the road for four months at most. The trouble is that it does not get to the heart of the problem: debts that still need to be serviced or refinanced.  Given the only viable solution is a restructuring (which will have other repercussions) I really struggle to see how ultimately this is nothing more than a sticking plaster.

Stay tuned: you are going to have to.

So what were my other highlights of the last week?
  • Europe – can kicking doesn’t sort the Greek situation
  • Global – QE is everything to an unproductive financial sector
  • Global – land gets more expensive but you aren’t getting wage increases
  • Global – dividends flat-line and all hail the rise of ‘non OECD Asia’!
  • Global – economic surprises are basically funded by China
  • And finally: when you are on edge buy protection (it is cheaper again)
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