Saturday, 2 January 2016

Popular posts of the last week

What were the most popular posts on Financial Orbit over the last week?

1. The most popular posting was the Sunday regular Stories we should be thinking about.  Always a favourite!  Link here.

2. Were you wondering how my '15 global stocks for 2015' panned out.  You can find out here at the second most popular posting of the last week.

3. Wednesday's macro summary was the third most popular posting of the last week and included thoughts on the FOMC, China's discount and global YTD market performance.  Link here.

4. Thursday's wrap with musings on Chinese debt, Starbucks preferences and Russia was the fourth most popular post.  Link here.

5. 'Financial Orbit: next steps' was the fifth most popular post - even thought it was only published yesterday.  An important post!  Link here.

And the bonus posting?  How about the 'six most popular posts (on Financial Orbit) in 2015'?  Link here.

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