Thursday, 31 December 2015

The top six most popular posts of 2015

As it is deep into the final day of the year I think I am pretty safe putting together the top six most popular posts on Financial Orbit over the last year. Normally I would run with a top five only but the first three most popular were all linked so I thought I would expand the list slightly.

1. The most popular post over the last year was:

Ten key thoughts from the first day of SIC 2015

If you are going to attend one macroeconomic conference a year then my top tip would be the SIC which - in 2016 - is going to be held in Dallas.  It is always a fascinating, provocative and informative three day period.  I always write my immediate thoughts up on each day more as a way for me to remember/summarise all those wonderful nuggets of information I have gleaned before another day of conference attendance risks washing it all away.

2. These write-ups from the SIC conference do appear popular as the second most popular post over the last year was:

Ten key thoughts from day 2 of SIC 2015

3. Anyone want to hazard a guess at what the third most popular post was?  You got it...

Ten key thoughts from the third (and final) day of SIC 2015

4. The fourth most popular post of the year was:

Financial Orbit's 29 additional finance people to follow on Twitter

Finance Twitter is hugely value added.  I hope I contribute in a very, very minor way but there are so many interesting tweeters out there who did not make a Business Insider list (which was the inspiration for putting the list together).  The amazing thing is that in the time that has elapsed since writing the post I believe I could put together a further list of 29 amazing finance people to follow on Twitter.  That's what I call dynamic innovation.  

5. The fifth most popular post of the year was:

Book review: "Print: The Central Bankers Bubble" by Lindsay David

I was asked if I would like to review this most interesting book - so in the spirit of Financial Orbit i.e. doing things that perhaps in my old fund management life I would never get the opportunity to do I did.  Whilst I don't think the writers at the Times Literary Review are quivering it was an enjoyable posting to put together - and a good book to read. 

6. And that sixth most popular post?:

Stories we should be thinking about

(from Sunday, 16 August 2015)

Almost every Sunday afternoon during 2015 I have spent time putting together Stories we should be thinking about which essentially is me trying to get around a bunch of finance and related stories before the start of the information onslaught that is Monday morning.  I have to say most of the time it is one of my happiest work-related moments of the week: a bunch of interesting information and graphics and no flickering share prices to distract.  Research heaven!

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