Saturday, 23 May 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

Here's a list of the five most popular posts on a bonus posting which does not appear in the top five.

Actually...a slight change this week as thanks once again to the very kind words of John Mauldin in his legendary Thoughts from the Frontline publication (link here) the top three posts of the last week were my write-ups of the three days of the SIC 2015 conference (which also all made last week's list here).

So, the next five most popular postings were as follows:

1. The regular Sunday early evening GMT Stories we should be thinking about (link here).

2. Some macro views on Thursday which covered Greece, FOMC minutes, US minimum wage and lots on China (link here).

3. Wednesday's wrap which included thoughts on Burberry, Thomas Cook, Staples and asset class correlation (link here).

4. Why Walmart's results still indicate malaise was the next most popular post (link here).

5. The reasons why I am still short Campbell Soup shares was the next most popular post (link here).

And a bonus post?  Got to be a link to the latest Financial Orbit Speaks (link here).

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