Saturday, 16 May 2015

Popular posts over the last week

Here is a list of the most popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus posting which did not make the top five.

1. The most popular post of the last week was this posting on the financial information and related company Markit.

2. The second most popular post was my posting on day 3 of the recent SIC 2015 conference I attended (link here).  On a related point I was delighted and honoured for my notes from SIC 2015 to be mentioned in John Mauldin's legendary Thoughts from the Frontline publication (link here).

3. The third most popular post was a macroeconomic one covering China, India, Ukraine, global interest rate reductions and El Nino.  Link here.

4. A selection of thematic and related slides (with some investing interpretations) from a MorningStar conference I could only follow via Twitter (link here).

5. The fifth most popular post was my day 1 write-up of the recent SIC 2015 conference (link here).

And my bonus link is this one from my Yahoo Finance Contributors column titled 'Shock, horror: Europe grows more than the US!'.  

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