Sunday, 27 July 2014

The latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights is out

** The latest edition of Financial Orbit Highlights is out.  If you would like to be added to the distribution list (and are not already on there) then please contact me **

‘It is not easy but there are themes out there…so stay active’

Last Monday I launched Financial Orbit Wrap as a daily email summary of the Financial Orbit public website output.  Summaries are important to every investor.  Daily we are barracked by a huge amount of information and filtering through that to find those few truths is the key to an investment success.  That is why I am writing the Wrap…it helps me and hopefully it helps my readers too. 
So what have been my highlights of the last week?

·         The Dutch and the IMF agree that it is not easy;

·         Emerging markets have bounced back…despite China not playing ball;

·         Corporate margins need to be understood;

·         Some themes for H2: a weakening euro and hopes of improvement;

·         Where the new wealthy are coming from

Feel free to contact me on any aspect of the above…or anything else in fact.

Chris Bailey                                                                                

Founder, Financial Orbit

Twitter: @financial_orbit

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