Saturday, 26 July 2014

The most popular posts over the last week

Here are the five most popular posts on Financial Orbit over the last week...and a special bonus posting for of one of my favourite articles which does not appear in the list. 

1. The most popular posting was the regular Sunday evening (BST) 'Stories we should be thinking about'.  Link here

2. Some thoughts on the differences between the views of the IMF and two global corporate giants on global economic growth rates in 2014.  Link here.

3. A collection of thoughts on Asia including the Indonesian election, the Indian monsoon...and surprising Korean productivity measures.  Link here

4. An earnings review selection on a number of US names including PepsiCo, Dow Chemical and Whirlpool was the fourth most popular posting

5. During the last week I launched Financial Orbit wrap.  The first edition was the fifth most popular posting.  Link here

And a final post which did not appear in the top five was this one titled 'It remains a stock picking market even for the defensive counters'


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