Saturday, 3 October 2015

Most popular posts of the last week

A list of the most popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus link to one which did not appear in the top five.

1. Thursday's macro selection with thoughts on the Chinese PMI numbers plus some summary Q3 performance and prospective thoughts on October performance was the most popular post (link here).

2. The regular Sunday evening Stories we should be thinking about was the second most popular post (link here).

3. Monday's Wrap with thoughts on the IMF cutting growth, Saudi outflows and corporate news from Alcoa and Glencore was the third most popular post (link here).

4. Tuesday's macro selection with various thoughts on Asia, Chinese investor preferences and volatility was the fourth most popular post (link here).

5. Wednesday's Wrap which had a good Q3 summary performance table and links to thoughts on companies including Saga and Paychex was the fifth most popular post (link here).

And the bonus link?

Published on 2nd October 2015 - link here
The latest global investment enhanced podcast by Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit Limited covers the latest economic data, poor sentiment but also opportunities for investors due to the high correlation of sectors and stocks plus the general pessimism of investors.

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