Saturday, 22 August 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

The most popular posts of the last week on a bonus posting of one which did not appear in the top five.

1. The most popular posting of the last week was the Sunday late afternoon GMT regular Stories we should be thinking about (link here).

2. The second most popular posting of the last week was a macro selection which included thought on Greece, China, debt and gold ownership (link here).

3. The third most popular posting was a write-up of the best charts from the last week's report on China by the IMF (link here).

4. Friday's wrap was the fourth most popular post including thoughts on market volatility, John Deere results and the latest Financial Orbit Speaks (link here).

5. A macro selection from Friday was the fifth most popular posting including losing market streaks and Chinese PMI numbers (link here).

And a bonus posting?  Well it has to be the latest Financial Orbit Speaks:

Published on 21st August 2015 - link here

Financial Orbit Speaks is a regular macroeconomic and stock specific enhanced podcast by Chris Bailey, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Financial Orbit Limited. This week's macroeconomic and global investing enhanced podcast by Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit Limited reviews the reasons for the volatility in financial markets...and where to position portfolios to benefit from the next shifts.

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