Saturday, 18 July 2015

Financial Orbit is two today!

It was about three years ago that I had a dream...a dream of an unconventional journey that would probably test me in ways I could scarcely imagine, a journey that inevitably would not maximise my shorter-term income and would cause raised eyebrows by many friends, contacts and peers.

Twenty seven months ago almost to the day I resigned from my - by average standards - well paid fund management job overlooking in excess of US$2bn in global direct investments. It had become clear to me that if I wanted to be the financial thinker, communicator and investor I envisaged it was time to step off the edge of the cliff. After serving my notice period two years ago to the day the first posting appeared on

I just re-read my first anniversary posting and it strikes me how much everything has grown since then. It has been a very busy but rewarding last year with more travel, new clients, some brilliant opportunities, fascinating new contacts, an enhanced media and related profile, the launch of Financial Orbit Speaks, a sharp increase in Twitter followers and page view, some pleasing investment choices plus - most importantly of all - a feeling of taking another significant step on the journey I imagined three years ago. A huge thank you to all supporters, readers, observers and the motivational role played by the occasional detractor.*

I read recently that the secret of fulfillment is to choose trouble for oneself in the direction of what one would like to become.” This is so true.  So given I always like to set myself new challenges what is the 'trouble' I would like to choose for myself?

It was many years ago I realised how much I enjoyed the communication aspects of the investment world relative to the typical analyst/fund manager who often just wanted to stay in front of their screens fiddling with some kind of archaic 'model' which promised insight.  Yes I still obsess about being in front of my computer for earnings releases (and the beauty of the low meeting density of Financial Orbit is that I spend more time looking at primary data, presentations and listening to conference calls than at any other time in my career - benefits I feel are reflected in my written output on the site) but it is when I interact with other analysts/fund managers I realise that the typical activities off Financial Orbit of punching out written analysis, macro musings and regular enhanced podcasts is not the norm.

And then we get to public speaking.  There was a moment a decade or so ago when it was thrust upon me. Simply put, I loved it. Today in a world of millions of web pages or tweets being created every day the old school action of standing up in front of an audience and talking about some aspect of the current global investment backdrop I believe has real worth.

So here is my offer for the next year for all supporters, readers, observers and correspondents (and the detractors too!) if you want me to come to your conference, expo, board meeting, office or local coffee shop to give a presentation / undertake a Q&A session on macroeconomics, sector themes, stock trends or anything else you see on or my Twitter stream then get in contact no matter where you are in the world. All I ask is for an enthusiastic welcome and the covering of any minor travel costs I may incur meeting with you.

I am calling this offer Financial Orbit Presents and you can find a specific tab for this on the website. Please do get in touch no matter how big or small your organisation is - and no matter where you are in the world.

Thanks for reading and interacting...and hopefully continuing to read and interact. All feedback - as always - is gratefully received.  

Best of luck for the next year. 

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit 
Twitter: @financial_orbit 

* Still my favourite comments remain those clustered around the notion that I will 'return to a proper job' soon.


  1. Congratulations to your two years Chris!

  2. Thanks so much Fredrik. Still reading almost every day. Good stuff!