Saturday, 17 January 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are a list of the five most popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus link to one posting that did not make the cut.  

1. A charts selection including thoughts on China, copper and the World Bank's updated forecast was the most popular posting of the week (link here). 

2. Thoughts on the quarterly reports from J P Morgan and Wells Fargo was the second most popular posting of the week (link here).  

3. This week Stories we should be thinking about was only the third most popular post.  Link here.  

4. A wrap posting from Wednesday which covered the World Bank, energy/commodity stocks and the thoughts of the European Court of Justice was the fourth most popular post (link here).

5. Thoughts on the Citigroup and Bank of America numbers was the fifth most popular post (link here). 

And the bonus posting is this one titled 'Why the Swiss have just let their currency explode'

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