Saturday, 3 January 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are links to the top five most popular posts over the last week on Financial Orbit and a bonus link for another posting that did not make the popularity cut.

1. My list of '15 Global Stocks for 2015' was (perhaps unsurprisingly) the most popular post.  Let's see how this list gets on over the next 12 months! Link here.

2. The other big 2015 list was also unsurprisingly near the top of the most popular posts with '15 Global Macro Thoughts for 2015' at number two.  Link here

3. The always popular 'Stories we should be thinking about' which comes out every Sunday (early evening GMT) was this week's third most popular post.  Link here

4. An unusual numbers four: a posting from October 2013 concerning some (still timely and good) Asia economic and investment charts.  I wonder where this link has been posted in the last week or so?!

5. Friday's wrap posting with European malaise/global PMI insights was the fifth most popular posting.  Link here

And the bonus posting has to be the most popular posts on Financial Orbit during 2014 which came out on New Year's Eve and for which I had tremendous fun writing.  Link here.

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