Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The most popular posts of 2014

So we are nearly finished with 2014.  A fascinating year from a general financial markets perspective as well as from a specific Financial Orbit one.

Looking forward into 2015 I have many expansion plans for Financial Orbit but two posts in 2014 remain.  The final weekday wrap will be published in a couple of hours but first I thought it would be interesting to see which of the hundreds of calendar year 2014 posts were the most popular on the site...with a few "thanks" thrown in along to way to those individuals or entities who helped make them specifically so page view friendly.

1. The most popular post on Financial Orbit during 2014 was this one titled '10 insights from attending Camp Alphaville' a hugely informative investment seminar day in early July put together by the Financial Times Alphaville crew. Looking forward to the 2015 edition - for which I am available to speak on any of the multiple topics I cover here at Financial Orbit :-)  As regular Financial Orbit readers will know my almost continuous citing of the FT as a source of ideas, charts and general insights shows how highly I regard it as an essential and unmissable part of my typical 'investment day'. Anybody looking to improve their investment insights in 2015 could do a lot worse than upgrade to a premium FT digital subscription. An additional shout-out for the Fast FT group too: consistently great breaking news analysis and insights.  

2. The second most popular post during 2014 was September's 'Ten key thoughts from the first day of the 2014 Casey Research Summit' (link here). 2014 was the first time I had attended this popular investment gathering and it did not disappoint - and neither did Texas where it was held. I am hoping my schedule allows me to attend in 2015 too. I continue to enjoy the Casey Research output daily particularly as they are probably the only investment organisation who have been consistently more bullish on gold than even I am!

3. Number three was the second day write-up from the Strategic Investment Conference held in San Diego (link here). One of the great flexibility benefits of starting Financial Orbit is an ability to put easily into the schedule a conference on the West Coast of the US. Great location and simply a superb line-up. It is hard to choose between all the great conferences out there...but if you are interested in hearing first-hand from some of the greatest investment minds in the world plus mixing with contemporaries who also are fascinating by markets, politics and everything inbetween then consider attending in 2015.  A special shout-out to John Mauldin and Worth Wray of Mauldin Economics fame from the 'home team' associated with the conference: I am sure many of you read the consistently interesting Mauldin Economics output on a week-by-week basis.

4. One of regular postings I enjoy writing the most is Sunday's Stories we should be thinking about which I tend to publish in the early evening London time and which aims to (help me!) form some views and concepts which may be applicable for the working week's investing and trading. Probably the greatest benefit of stepping out of the numbing rigidity of the institutional investment world is the wonderful broadening of my investment sources and inspirations. It has made me a better investor and communicator and once that genie is out of the bottle...  The fourth most popular post of 2014 was this posting from August.

5. The fifth most popular post of 2014 was on a specific company. As regular readers will know all the macro analysis and big picture musing I do does have a practical end result: it influences my bottom-up stock picking thoughts as to me investment management necessarily has to be a fusion of the two. The posting specifically was on a Dutch spin-off from ING Groep called NN Group and can be read here.  It is an investment I still hold...and which I have high hopes for in 2015 (it made my '15 global stocks for 2015' list - see here).  I know why the post was popular as it was mentioned on the excellent investment blog (which is well worth a look if you have not come across it).

So that's the top five for 2014.  Thanks to everyone who visited the site and read my musings...please keep on coming back because I am hoping that 2015 sees an even better Financial Orbit!  It remains a fascinating and challenging investment world and there is so much to think about, learn, share and communicate on. There's also some great investment returns to generate!

Best of luck to all in 2015.

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit

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