Saturday, 30 August 2014

Trades I have undertaken in the last week

With plenty of end of the month analysis to come over the next few days, let's dive straight into the dealing over the last week.

Purchases / adds / buys to cover:

APR Energy - as I titled my results write-up: 'geopolitics, management change, share price volatility = opportunity?'  Link here.

Smith & Wesson - bought back into the gun manufacturer after a sharp decline.  Link here.

Tesco - embraced the's why: link here

Sells / take profits / short initiations:

Interpublic - took my profits after a nudge from sector peer FTSE-100 (link here)

FTSE-100 index - disturbed by that high sentiment data I added to my general portfolio protection.  Link here

Vivendi - on a re-review of the sum-of-the-parts, I take my profits (link here)

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