Saturday, 23 August 2014

The most popular posts of the last week

Here are the five most popular posts on Financial Orbit over the last week...and a special bonus posting for of one of my favourite articles which does not appear in the list.

1. A guest post covering some fascinating into the fast-evolving Chinese technological markets was the most viewed post during the last week.  Link here.  

2. The regular 'Stories we should be thinking about' was the second most popular post during the last week.  Link here.

3. A surprising number three a posting on the Denver Gold Forum from eleven months ago.  Looking back at it again a nice posting...but I don't know why it suddenly was so popular.  Link here.

4. The first guest posting on Financial Orbit on 'Provincial Diversification' in China (published originally a few weeks ago) was the fourth most popular posting.  Link here.

5. A posting with four excellent charts on stock market sector valuation, Apple, the oil market and cyber security was the fifth most popular posting of the last week.  Link here.

And a final post which did not make the top five was this one titled 'Glencore - some great presentation slides (even if I never seem to buy the stock)'

Finally - if you like summaries of Financial Orbit output please do not forget the weekday (Monday-Friday) 'wraps' which appear in the hour or so after the US stock market close (9pm BST).  Please find a list containing 'wrap' summaries here.

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