Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Charts of interest today: the top 0.1%, two unemployment charts, emerging markets and FX, REITs

Some charts I came across which I found interesting. 

It is ok to be in the top 1%...but even better to be in the top 0.1%. There is a bit of survivorship bias in these numbers by definition BUT as a trend it is fascinating.  A logarithmic chart would compress the top 0.01% line gap a bit - the key message is on the strongly positive trend for the top 0.1%...

Which unemployment statistic do you want to use?  Here is some good news on job opening...


...but the trouble is that the 'real' unemployment rate is much higher.  In reality I think the unemployed workers per job opening ratio is much higher.

US exchange volumes are getting better...better news for the investment banks?

Good emerging market chart: a falling exchange rate seems to be more a threat / indication of stress than an opportunity...

...and FX volatility has other implications, such as Argentine soyabean growers not wanting to sell in pesos anymore and hence they accumulate inventory

Finally, fascinating REIT performance chart.  Remarkable (yield chasing?) performance in the US, high volatility elsewhere.  Property/related always a volatile space.  Anyone fancy buying Latam property / selling Japanese property?

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