Saturday, 9 January 2016

The most popular posts of the last week

Here is a list of the five most popular posts on over the last week.

1. The most popular post was the Sunday regular Stories we should be thinking about (link here) which included the below graphic (which on a one week basis looks pretty pertinent):

2. The second most popular post actually came out just over a week ago but it was an important post titled Financial Orbit: the next steps. You can access that post here.

3. The third most popular post of the week was Wednesday's wrap which included this great chart via Ben Bernanke.  Link here:

4. The fourth most popular post of the week was Thursday's wrap which included this great China related chart.  Link here

5.  The fifth most popular chart of the week was Monday's wrap which included this super update on anticipated Q4 US GDP growth levels. Link here.  

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