Saturday, 12 December 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

A list of the five most popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus posting of one which did not appear in the top five.

1. The most popular post of the last week was the Sunday regular Stories we should be thinking about (link here).

2. The second most popular post of the last week was my write up of the Anglo American investor update where I talk about why I would not buying the shares yet (link here).

3. Tuesday's macro write-up including thoughts about commodities, China and the upcoming second round of the French regional elections was the third most popular post (link here).

4. The fourth most popular posting was Thursday's wrap including thoughts on Glencore, Yum! Brands and European equity earnings hopes (link here).

5. Wednesday's macro write-up was the fifth most popular post of the week and included thoughts on the yuan, global QE and ten upcoming consumer trends in 2016 (link here).

And a bonus link - the new Financial Orbit Speaks was published yesterday:

Published on 11th December 2015 - link here
The latest global investing enhanced podcast from Chris Bailey, Founder of Financial Orbit discusses the myriad current challenges in the global economy, a hoped for Christmas wish list and why now is not a time for panic selling.  

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