Saturday, 19 December 2015

Popular posts over the last week

Here is a list of the five most popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus posting of one which did not.

1. The most popular post of the last week was my Federal Reserve special wrap written after the US central bank raised interest rates for the first time since 2006.  Link here.

2. The second most popular post was the Monday macro review which touched on a number of subjects including the French regional election, US corporates versus emerging markets and football manager duration.  Link here.

3. The third most popular post consisted of my favourite five charts from a fascinating ECB Economic Bulletin.  Link here.

4. The fourth most popular post was the Sunday regular Stories we should be thinking about.  Link here.

5. The fifth most popular post was the Thursday macro selection post the Federal Reserve decision.  There were also some thoughts on Brexit and China/climate change.  Link here.

And the bonus link?  The new Financial Orbit Speaks was published yesterday.

Published on 18th December 2015 - link here

In his latest global investing enhanced podcast Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit reviews some of the impacts of the first US interest rate increase since 2006.  This leads into a discussion on a handful of investing themes for 2016 to improve outperformance chances before finishing with an observation on...the changing size of Christmas sweet tins.

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