Saturday, 19 September 2015

Popular posts over the last week

Here is a list of popular posts on over the last week...and a bonus link to a posting that did not appear in the top five.

1. No surprises that the most popular post of the last week was the Sunday evening (GMT) regular Stories we should be thinking about (link here).

2. The second most popular post of the last week was this macro selection which included thoughts on Greece, structural corporate profitability and China.

3. Another macro selection this time from Thursday and including thoughts on UK wages, a full Federal Reserve interest rate preview and a fascinating gold bear market duration chart was the third most popular posting.  

4. Yet another macro selection (Wednesday) was the fourth most popular post including observations on the Greek election, emerging markets and migrants.  Link here.

5. Unbelievably (!) another macro selection (Friday!) was the fifth most popular post.  This one included post Federal Reserve interest rate decision thoughts and observations on China and Japan.

And the bonus post?  A new Financial Orbit Speaks is out:

Published on 18th September 2015 - link here
The latest global investing enhanced podcast from Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit Limited reviews the past week's financial news including thoughts on the Federal Reserve, 5,000 year lows in interest rates, whether QE will be expanded or not and why we should not fear a structural fall in corporate profitability over the next generation.  

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