Saturday, 7 March 2015

The most popular posts of the last week

Here is a list of the five most popular posts on on the last week...and a bonus posting of one which did not make the list.

1. The most popular post of the week was a book review of Lindsay David's fascinating new book Print: the Central Bankers Bubble.  Link here.

2. The second most popular post of the week was the Sunday evening (GMT) regular weekly posting Stories we should be thinking about.  Link here.

3. A review of Glencore's most recent financial results was the third most popular posting.  Link here.

4. A set of macroeconomic stories from Tuesday covering Greece, China, Japan and others was the fourth most popular post.  Link here.

5. Another set of macroeconomic stories this time focusing on Greece and the Asian manufacturing PMIs was the fifth most popular post.  Link here.

The bonus posting which did not appear in the top five is this one titled 'Death as an investment theme #2: Service Corp'

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