Thursday, 5 February 2015

Charts and thoughts today

A few stories and charts today...

After the smackdown via the ECB yesterday evening (as I talked about here), Greece and German meet today...oh to be a fly on the wall!

Asia – could be the first of many cuts (20?!) in Chinese reserve ratios?  A great link here on this potential  

Noteworthy today that the Shanghai bourse started off well but has faded…and at the time of writing is now slightly down on the day...not good. 

However in Australia as @David_Stutt noted: 'The 11th straight day of gains for the ASX 200 equals the all-time record set in 2003. The index began trading in 2000'.  Hmm...something to do with cutting rates and trashing your currency?  Not sustainable…

For a final comment in Asia I was 'amused' to see this out of Japan:

'BoJ Gov Kuroda: Overall Consumer Price Gains Are Slowing Sharply – BBG'

Despite all the above effort!

US investor sentiment is interesting today with the AAII net bull-bear ratio fading materially in the last week.  Keep stockpicking rather than buying the global markets is my interpretation. 

A couple of final interesting charts on first the Pareto Principle (very true in my view/experience)...

...and on trust (or the lack of it) in the global economy to decision-makers: 

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