Saturday, 2 August 2014

Popular posts over the last week

Here are the five most popular posts on Financial Orbit over the last week...and a special bonus posting for of one of my favourite articles which does not appear in the list. 

1. The top posting of the week was the first in a series of guest posts on China.  The first was on 'Provincial diversification' (link here)...

2. ...and the second on opportunities and differences in 'Lower tier regions' (link here).

3. The Sunday evening (BST) 'Stories we should be thinking about' was the third most popular post last week (link here). 

4. An eclectic selection of charts from bonds to currencies to money velocity history was the next most popular post (link here). 

5. An 'Asia today' post which noted interesting calls about both Japan and China was the fifth most popular post (link here). 

And a final post which did not make the top five was this one titled 'Why Twitter shares are not expensive to me'. 

Finally - if you like summaries of Financial Orbit output please do not forget the weekday (Monday-Friday) 'wraps' which appear in the hour or so after the US stock market close (9pm BST).  Please find a list containing 'wrap' summaries here



  1. The blog is really evolving quickly! Could become the Huff. Post of investing/trading. She got a good price from AOL.

  2. Yes very true on all the above! Am keeping up the efforts but really appreciate the interactions too!