Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Charts today - the rise of the yuan, US inflation & potential further market expansion, watch September & the Ice Bucket Challenge

Charts today starts with one I have shown in a slightly different form before...but it is a good chart.  The top six need to be worried.  Will the use of the yuan as a payments currency overtake that of the yen in two years time?  I think so...

What an interesting chart sourced via @ on the breakdown of US inflation.  Again shows how ludicrous that 'rampant' durable goods number yesterday was!

Another five years of economic expansion in the US? I wonder if true such growth would be above or below trend?

August is nearly over but this report from the StockTradersAlmanac highlights that September is traditionally not a great month...

Finally, what a great appraisal report on the Ice Bucket Challenge including this stunning observation:

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