Thursday, 28 August 2014

Charts today - post Lehman moves, EM flows, Europe's richest and US challenges (budget deficits, GDP revisions)

Charts today start with an excellent graphic from today's Financial Times which indicates just how much some of the major financial markets have moved "post-Lehmans":

Moving to more recent matters and an interesting chart on the downdraft in non-resident emerging market flows.  Still unusual to see outflows, first for 6 months plus in Africa/Middle East and Emerging Europe.  Geopolitics impact?  My observation would be that stock picking opportunities, especially in those regions, are building.

Talking about Eastern Europe, I thought this was a good London property insight (again from today's Financial Times):

There are still plenty of rich people in Europe...and this chart aims to identify them (with useful, if relevant, corporate logos...)

Finally turning to the US, I am still pacing through the new CBO report (link here) which is always worth a read.  Certainly the front page indicates the essential US problem...

Meanwhile US GDP revisions will be a big thing today.  I like this chart via ValueWalk which indicates the huge scope for revisions over time.

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