Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Charts today - an eclectic selection: bonds to currencies, Ebola to electricity to the velocity of money

Charts today - an eclectic selection today...

This from The Daily Shot (link here).  So what happens when the Federal Reserve stops buying bonds?

Elsewhere in the world bond yields are still compressing.  Nice comparison between current Germany and historic Japan.  A clear concern:

Ebola is growing unfortunately

Did you know there is an emerging market currency that is poorer performing than the Ukrainian one year-to-date now?

Talking about the Ukraine, I thought this front page comment on the Financial Times summarised the reality quite well.

I also thought this tweet summarised it well:

Jonathan Ferro ‏@FerroTV  

Russian sanctions were calculated to minimise impact on the EU. France allowed to 
deliver on military order. No sanctions on gas sector.

And I see - for the moment - the Russian market is up on the day...

US electricity prices going up...

...whilst velocity of money is going down (still).  Interesting.  This is a very important chart and one, at a later point, I will return to.

(h/t @worthwray, @epomboy)

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