Friday, 27 August 2021

Busy in August!

It is nearly the end of August, meaning the return of September is nearly with us or (as I put it in one article I wrote over the last week)...

There are two updates each year which tend to interest the average investor, analyst or fund manager. The first one is the piece of analysis published a few weeks before Christmas focusing on the upcoming financial year. The second one is published about three months beforehand and considers the prospects for the global financial markets after the majority of people have returned from any summer holiday they have been on. Whilst COVID-19-related matters have influenced the last couple of summers, history has given us a couple of regular insights. Despite the average net positive conclusions of either update over the past few decades, they are frequently far from being correct, especially the one published in the weeks before Christmas.

So much more to do over upcoming months including all the above and a lot of fascinating Q3 corporate report data, especially from mid-October.  Interesting times.  

As for my most appraised tweet in August so far, unsurprisingly it refers to an interesting large cap story: 

Elsewhere, certainly good to appear on a number of online events...

...and it was good to write a serious of article here, here and here 

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