Monday, 2 November 2020

Top tweets of October

That time of a new month again when I review the top tweets (by impressions generated) of the previous month at @financial_orbit  

In third place during October was my question... this tweet by the current president of the United States: 

Let's see how this issue influences the election later this week. 

My second top tweet of October was my observation of... this tweet (which interestingly is working again on the Monday I am writing this!!)  Financial markets are always surprising.  

But my top tweet was sourced from this seasonal observation...

Great cartoon, sadly of our times.  

As I wrote earlier today elsewhere: 

Policymakers are currently facing many invidious trade-offs.  Very loose monetary and fiscal policy initiatives can never be a panacea but they do buy some time.  Similarly the power of information and the profit incentive will drive companies to find workarounds and new innovative techniques.  And whilst we should never forget the still-building human tragedies from the times of pandemic, there can be another narrative for 2021 and beyond.  Fear can turn into optimism and those dark hours after sunset are eventually replaced by a new dawn. 

Onto November!

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