Friday, 25 September 2020

Weekly links

Uncertain times (again)!  As I noted in one article I wrote earlier in the week: 

'As the final quarter of the year approaches, new challenges overhang markets. Well, actually, they are the old challenges just repackaged. A second pandemic pan-European wave. The debate over both overall market and sector specific valuations. Geopolitical trade considerations. The ever closer U.S. Presidential election. Economic growth profiles and corporate earnings anticipations. And the omnipresent Brexit debate (naturally)...Much to be thinking about as we head into the final quarter of the year. There is always something to worry about otherwise economics would not be the ‘dismal science’ or have such a fine array of jokes targeted at it. But whilst we wait for the huge global effort to find a COVID-19 vaccine to play out, the best course of action remains to stay calm and welcome the start of the final three months of a sadly unforgettable year'

Certainly lots to be thinking about.  Keep an eye on my Twitter feed @financial_orbit to see my day-to-day thoughts. 

As for this week's links that I can share with you...I talked about recent UK equity market trends here in my latest VOX Markets podcast appearance.  

Meanwhile on ShareProphets three of my favourite articles over the last week are...

Johnson Matthey: geeking out on hydrogen

Whitbread – why you should still not worry about a 75% H1 like-for-like revenue decline...

Don't worry Funding Circle shareholders, your company is 'close to AEBITDA break-even in H2'!

...which you can read here, here and here.  

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