Friday, 28 August 2020

Weekly links

In the wider scheme of things a quiet week.  Much needed!   However a time to think about markets and related ahead of the early September back to school/work period.  More on this (as I can share it here) next week. 

Two links, both individual stock centred to share now (sadly much of my other work is for specific viewership only - but keep reading my Twitter feed @financial_orbit for a daily feed of thoughts directly from me.  

Three of my favourite ShareProphets articles over the past seven days are...

Don't hold your breath for a BT Group takeover

Still not excited by DFS and sofaeconomics

Two years on...Amigo remains no friend of mine

...and can be found here, here and here.  

Meanwhile in my latest Global Alliance Partners research contribution I talked here about three names (Cisco, Umicore and Aviva) that struck me as interesting at prevailing share prices. 

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