Friday, 7 August 2020

Weekly links

With earnings season maturing, mid-August should bring some time to breathe and take stock.  Everyone correctly cites huge uncertainty but with it comes opportunity.  The CNN Fear & Greed index is edging closer towards extreme greed...but is not there yet: 

For me - excluding an overt Covid-19 second wave worsening - the line of least resistance remains up and I know where I am finding more opportunities...

This week, you can hear my thoughts here on some UK equity opportunities in my regular weekly VOX Markets podcast appearance.  

On ShareProphets some of my favourite articles this week are...

Activist investor capitulation at Rolls-Royce: smart or bonkers?

Dream on Metro Bank...

Too much information? Still send for the savvy human

...which you can read here, here and here. 

Otherwise you can read my latest Global Alliance Partnership ideas here ("Freeport McMoRan; Sage Group; UBS")

And finally, you can see/hear me present some macroeconomic views here in a recent presentation I gave to my old postgraduate university

And then there was earnings season...  Busy times! 

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