Friday, 12 June 2020

Weekly links

Busy...busy with many regular and special projects.  A more volatile week in the markets however just to keep us all on our toes.  My view remains that the 2020s are going to be opportunistic for the active investor.  As I wrote elsewhere during the week:

Steve Jobs once remarked that 'innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower', an observation which will become increasingly important as the 2020s progress and the challenges emanating from the exogenous shock of the pandemic build.  It is always tempting to focus on macro-level fiscal, trade, price level and economic growth factors, but all of these are built upon billions of smaller decisions at both the personal and corporate level. 

It is all about being the change yourself. 

As per normal I appeared on the VOX Markets podcast here talking about markets and some general global stock observations

Meanwhile on ShareProphets, my three favourite articles were...

Amigo – no friends and almost no options...

No surprises that The Restaurant Group needs to enter CVA land...

Still signing up for Johnson Matthey's 'science-led strategy'

...which you can read here, here and here. 

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