Friday, 15 May 2020

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With earnings season starting to slow down, there was a little more time to think dynamically and strategically this week.  We have all seen things over the first five months of this year which - back on 1st January - we could not have anticipated.  Such is the rich tapestry of life...and the soap opera known as the financial markets. 

There are always tactics and strategies out there or - as we often refer to it in the financial markets (to borrow from Benjamin Graham) - 'voting machine' investors and those who are more 'weighing machine' focused.   Naturally the best idea is to draw from both perspectives...which means in today's world you need to be a virus specialist too.

Pull it all together and it makes a good analytical challenge.  To this end, I was pondering how I would fill out the outstanding 2020s box in the graphic below...

...answers in my next series of institutional presentation set for June!! :-) 

This week, I have appeared on the Vox Podcast here talking about the markets and some specific UK equities that have just reported. 

Otherwise on ShareProphets my three favourite articles I wrote were...

The latest on continually stuttering rich man's plaything, Aston Martin Lagonda...

Land Securities and those oh-so-tricky June rental payments...

Is Trainline ever going to make sensible profits?

...which you can read here, here and here. 

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