Monday, 4 May 2020

Continuing the top tweets series...

Another new time for another top tweets posting following on from my postings here and here.  As mentioned just a few times before (!) most of my publicly available comments and thoughts are available on my twitter feed @financial_orbit

So let's dive into the last month or so.  How has lockdown impacted my top tweets?

Number three was an earnings season observation that:

It is going to get busy over the next few weeks (especially when you add on the slightly lagged European/Asian corporate earnings too)...on top of all the current macro chatter


That was a pretty accurate prediction! 

Number two was one of morning UK regulatory news statement observations.  In this case on one of the world's largest energy names: 

UK RNS today #1 - BP - 'inventory holding loss' aka lower oil prices pushes group into a loss, but aided by cost control including a 25% fall in capex, still paying a 10.4c dividend for the quarter in June. Still hopeful of gearing in the 20-30% range for 2021

A very newsworthy area.  I still think BP will cut their dividend before the end of the year...

And the top tweet for April?  My observation that:

 'Now that's a stat (and good business planning)' 

Well there had to be a coronavirus link somewhere...

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