Friday, 17 April 2020

Weekly links

A quick glance at the chart below highlights one of my key focuses over the next few weeks: the global corporate earnings season.  The below just shows the US, but lag the data by a week or so and you capture the broad timing thrust of names in Europe and the wider world.  In is going to be busy (actually it already is!!) 

Naturally given the macroeconomic / virus uncertainties much of the corporate commentaries are going to be taken up by different ways of saying 'uncertain'.  However as the top-down fogs start to dissipate, the world of specific insights starts to become more useful and potentially value-adding.  Correlations between stocks are falling, I can feel it.  And this only means one thing: time to delve deep into the corporate quarterly reports...obviously I completely love it.

Of the analysis and work I can share with you here, I appeared on the Vox Markets podcast here to discuss some UK shares of interest...

Meanwhile on ShareProphets, three of my favourite pieces over the last week are...

Funding Circle enjoys a share price romp but frankly it is still clutching at straws

PZ Cussons – keep on washing your hands but time for a fake staycation tan too?

NEXT continues to educate mere mortals in the clothing retail space...

...which you can read here, here and here.  

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