Tuesday, 20 August 2019

What I learned from getting to 10,000 Twitter followers

‘Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day’ - Heraclitus

The journey to ten thousand twitter followers began with a single tweet back in May 2013.  I cannot remember what I wrote, liked or retweeted, but it was the start of a descent down an informational rabbit hole that continues to inspire me today.

Let me say from the start that ten thousand twitter followers is chicken feed compared to the levels achieved by almost any celebrity you or I could name, or a bunch of the opinion wielding heroes that either of us might admire.  However I have not gamed the system by buying followers and whilst i follow over five thousand people myself, a majority do not follow me. 

No, the growth has been essentially organic.  Undoubtedly i have a slug of bot followers but the rest have found something, at some time, in my forty six thousand plus tweets to pique their interest...and that is terribly humbling.  And this is all in the context of little in the way of a formal plan to my twitter activity, other than tweeting, liking, retweeting or linking what I find interesting and intriguing primarily in my ongoing research into matters related to global investment markets. 

And it is at this level, Twitter has been the most inspiring.  Back in the early years of my career you had to fight for information, even with the privilege of being an institutional investor.  What become immediately obvious to me back in 2013 - at the cusp of my evolution from a classic-but-dull institutional fund manager - was that the open architecture of Twitter was a welcoming pool of insights, knowledge and commentary.  It continues to lead me daily down new paths in my thinking about global investment markets and so much more, paths that occasionally i can help forge and hack some kind of interpretative route through. Twitter has forced me to consider new perspectives on almost everything I may have taken for granted.  This may or may not have made me a better investor, commentator on financial and political issues and/or interpreter of thematic trends...but it has taken me at least a step closer.  I hope this process never stops. 

Twitter has also helped me forge new contacts, business associates, esteemed sources of insight and - most importantly - plain old compadres. Whilst the trolls have now and again bitten, the good and helpful massively outweigh any detractors.  As it would be said in investment circles, the risk-reward equation of my six plus years on Twitter has been strongly and positively skewed. 

So thank you to the ten thousand for your support and faith - and I will keep on trying to tweet something of at least minor interest to justify you checking in now and again with me.  And onto another ten thousand twitter followers?  Well I would not be so presumptive, but as I am here, why not?!

Maybe, however,  first I need to figure out why I have not purchased any Twitter shares despite my love for the product…  Naturally if I do work this out, you know where i will be posting it first :-)

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit
Twitter: @financial_orbit 

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