Sunday, 3 March 2019

My most viewed tweets during February

A lot of the content that I can share is now found on Twitter, so please check out my feed on a regular basis if you do not so already!

Anyhow, here are my most viewed tweets during February!

Number five...saw me making an observation about the cost of car parking (and surprisingly London was not the most expensive!)

Number four...was my observation on the most insightful (in my opinion) chart on the recent M&S/Ocado link-up

Number three...was a book recommendation (and a great read it is too).  

Number two...showed the popularity of some of the thoughts I give Monday-Friday at the time of the UK regulatory news releases at 7am...

...meanwhile number one is another one of those UK regulatory news thoughts...this time on the high profile Patisserie Holdings debacle

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