Sunday, 16 September 2018

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about   

Shall we start with Brexit? Change a-coming on the UK domestic political
front? This is from today’s Sunday Times and it does not read good for the UK
Prime Minister:

But…(as i have been arguing all year) I do not see an imminent domestic political
revolution.  As this piece notes...there is not a strong Opposition currently and
plenty of general political angst:

The key for the UK political scene this year and into next year remains forging a
Brexit deal...and inevitably this practically means Brexit bill inflation...

...the trouble is there is a clear schism in terms of Brexit views and hopes regarding
the impact of a ‘no-deal’.  As noted below, an optimist sees a reason to be optimistic,
a pessimistic sees a reason to be pessimistic...

My view would still be a soft Brexit reality as the most pragmatic reality - and the
most likely set-up to get both Parliamentary and popular acceptance.  And then
the bigger to make the most of a post-Brexit world.

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