Sunday, 24 June 2018

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about

Got to start with trade again…and this from the weekend Financial Times is worth
a read as it includes the lines “Trump sees that Merkel is down. And he is trying to
finish her off” and "It is bad enough that the Putin-Trump meeting is happening at all
— but it must not take place in Vienna...The echoes are too ominous.”

Now, talking about Mrs Merkel it is clearly moving into an important period for her
with the EU Summit later this week where she will try and shore up not only her
Chancellorship but also promote pan-European cohesion.  More on this later this
week...but this made me smile/laugh by @ErikFossing (and via @fwred):

Big week for Europe as I said above and as @C_Barraud notes foreign
exchange investors are voting with their feet:

Hedge funds and money managers cut net long positions on #euro to 36,118
contracts (58-week low) - Bloomberg (citing CFTC)

Of course the EU summit will be focusing on immigration and regional cohesion
matters.  Brexit gets an anxilliary look-in and on this particular
can always rely on The Sunday Times for a great political cartoon:

Of course all this malaise cuts across some bigger factors too...including
global trade.  I enjoyed this quote on global tariff rhetoric and chat:

“Nobody can honestly claim high confidence that they understand what the
overall impact will be. You may as well project the weather on a Tuesday
afternoon a year from now” (link here)

However, it is not correct to be too optimistic, especially when I see statistics
like the below suggesting that everything is absolutely fine/hunky dory re the
aggressive US view...

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