Sunday, 20 May 2018

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about

I noted in Friday’s Financial Orbit Macro that ‘The UK is not down and out!’ given the
FTSE-100 was at a record high. Meanwhile, looking at the latest domestic polling
results, some of the political fears circulating in the last couple of years may be

Of course plenty of Brexit fears remain…as wonderfully lampooned in today’s
Sunday Times:
And above and beyond patchy consumer confidence and the like…

...we have this observation about the UK property market:

‘One in five buy-to-let landlords plans to sell up over the coming year...A raft
of tax and regulatory changes introduced by the Bank of England and the
government have made buy-to-let property a less attractive investment for
would-be landlords, according to the trade body’

Kind of interesting, yes?!  And other global property markets are under pressure
too.  Take this below...which is much more than just a demographic trend
(although this helps) at this link here:

As i've said before...i wouldn't want to have to make the decision/have to put the
financing together to buy a house with a sub 35 year old's typical wage packet

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