Friday, 20 April 2018

Financial Orbit in the financial media this week

My three articles on ShareProphets this week were...

An article about Saga on the Share Prophets website which you can access here: 

"Saga: buy'em even if you are a young'un"

I also wrote on the same website another article this time on the property stock Hammerson which you can access here:

"Hammerson - commonsense on one bid, madness on another"

And then I wrote a piece on the consumer staple Unilever:

"Unilever - buy a Magnum, not the shares"


I also appeared on the VOX Markets podcast talking about Debenhams, Sky, Unilever and Ultra Electronic.  You can access this here.  

Vox Markets

And finally, you can read my views on Iberian equities as discussed here on behalf of one of my trade clients. 

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