Sunday, 4 March 2018

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about 

Got to start today with the big political events in Europe...

In the first, around two-thirds of SPD members approved the Grand Coalition
with Merkel’s CDU/CSU...

...and so after five months of relative uncertainty, Germany has a government.  I
liked this sentiment: “Let’s get to work -- Germany and Europe,” Peter Altmaier,
Merkel’s chief of staff, tweeted seconds after the announcement, because there
is much to do in both Germany and across Europe with Merkel in legacy making
mode.  As I starter for ten I liked the tone of this headline in the WSJ:

Merkel Pushes Common-Tax Plans With France Following U.S. Overhaul
Proposal would complement ambitious plans by Berlin and Paris to reform the

Reform is the key! And, of course, this cuts across the second big story in
Europe today: the Italian election.  Statistics to note include:

Exit polls 11pm local and the final vote count released Monday c. 2pm local
Lower House / Senate majority thresholds: 316 & 158. Final poll shows the
centre-right bloc in the lead but with no majority in either chamber (h/t @cnbcjou)

Although as shown is complex (h/t @pollofpolls_eu):

And to bring the two stories can see why there is a high
degree of political angst in Italy - the economy just had not relatively
performed over the last decade.  

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