Sunday, 25 February 2018

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about 

Only one place to start this week...and that’s with the world’s most famous

Of course you should be reading Warren Buffett’s annual report to Berkshire
Hathaway shareholders for its deep knowledge and investment insight.  My
favourite observation?  After quoting Benjamin Graham on the voting and
weighing machine investor, Buffett's Berkshire report notes this very wisely:

As for global markets...where are we YTD?  Lots to still play for: volatility and
opportunity especially as I read in the WSJ that ‘Investors have borrowed a
record $642.8 billion against their portfolios as they try to pocket bigger gains
by ramping up their exposure to stocks’:

And bonds have been pretty shabby performers recently.  I don't see any
fundamental value in bonds but this is kind of interesting (h/t @TN):

The way to think about it is open your mind to sector rotation...which may mean
dusting off why you are holding higher dividend stocks (hopefully for more than
just the dividend):
As for the twin deficit fear that has suddenly reared its head in global economic gut is that it keeps pressure on the dollar but history shows there is no easy conclusion...

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