Sunday, 14 January 2018

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about  

You know those really strong YTD markets…?

Thought-provoking graphic below...highest bull/bear ratio since 1987, eh?  
Can’t remember what happened back then...
(h/t @Callum_Thomas)

And, of course, we know why investors are so excited...because markets
are excited:

And you know what that sort of hope factor leads to?  
Why bother hedging...

I can’t think what possibly could go wrong! Turning to some other
issues...such as Brexit. Got to accept it is coming (despite the
below) but to focus on managing the transition

Meanwhile elsewhere in Europe there was some sort of a breakthrough
in the German coalition talks just before the weekend started but - as
The Times notes - there is plenty of discussions still to come (but
it feels like me as if she is in legacy mode which should be good for
pan-European spending)...

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