Friday, 15 September 2017

From the Founder: four-and-a-bit years in and a new product launch!

Time for another one of those ‘from the Founder’ posts...well I did not write anything at the time of the fourth anniversary of Financial Orbit in mid-July.  Actually there was a good reason for this but more on an exciting new product in a few moments.  

Four-and-a-bit years in is a decent period of time.  Back in July 2013 my every instinct told me that there was much more to money management and knowledge accrual than the increasingly rigid institutional investment scene I saw with its overlapping omnipresent committees, obsession with black box mathematics and lengthy ‘know the price of everything but the value of nothing’ analytical reports as well as uninspiring management teams.  In terms of a personal search for authenticity - despite my strong track record as a fund manager - starting Financial Orbit was the best thing I ever did.

Every journey begins with a single step and looking back to 2014 and 2015 I learnt a huge amount blogging and tweeting plus additionally consulting with a variety of corporate names on subjects from macroeconomics to global stock selection as well as, of course, managing my own money.  The biggest investment-related upside? Funnily enough dropping the pointless structure of bigger companies allowed me to undertake an unprecedented amount of primary investment work...and inevitably I felt my understanding, knowledge and investment performance accrue.  And to think back in my institutional investment days I was known for my wide-ranging knowledge...the search for authenticity comes with many other benefits.  

It was time to start cohesively sharing my views again in products that anyone could access so back at the start of 2016 I started both Financial Orbit Macro and Financial Orbit Stocks with free-to-air real time content.  I know many ‘professional’ fund managers dislike anything other than sitting in front of their computers in an office setting, hearing ‘the best of the brokers’ or participating in those overlapping omnipresent committees but to me having the nerve to share your views and report truthfully on how they have performed is at the core of being an investment industry participant. I also think actual or potential clients want to hear from their fund managers as if they were sitting on their shoulder listening in to their actual conversations and decision-making. So the rise of professional writers to scribe even a monthly update rather than a fund manager doing it themselves is a hugely derogatory step in my opinion......but then what do i know?!

I hope many of you continue to enjoy Financial Orbit Macro product which I continue to publish every working day (I allow myself Christmas Day off if it falls during the week!) - and if you have not read it and would like to then send me an email or click on the website tab.  Simply put I am trying to figure out that big bad world out there and its impact on investment markets.  And the best news is that it is still free too.

As for Financial Orbit Stocks it was good to put a bit of external pressure on myself and try to again actively manage a paper portfolio of my own best global large cap equity ideas based on my enhanced research techniques.  You can all make your own minds up about the results but I was really pleased how the subsequent 18 months to the end of June 2017 worked out.

However as I mentioned in that linked webinar by that point Financial Orbit was on the cusp of launching another product - this time in combination with a couple of partners.  It is my distinct pleasure to announce the launch of the Dynamic Opportunities Fund a focused and flexible global stock picking fund which will draw on all my investment acumen and techniques and which for the first time will allow you to invest directly in them.  Suffice to say I think it is a product that is very atuned to today’s investment landscape.  

The Fund website hopefuly provides you with a lot of useful information.  Clearly read all important disclosures first (!) but once you have done that take a look at the launch presentation document in the ‘key documents’ section or the range of articles including the ‘We are omnivores’ article I especially wrote for this launch day and which you can find on the Home page.

To ensure complete regulatory adherence for the purposes of the Dynamic Opportunities Fund I have taken the position of CIO at my partners Daniel Stewart & Company who continue to be hugely supportive of the whole venture.  Thank you to them and the other service partners - I think we are going to have a lot of fun with this product and hopefully do well for our investors.  

I believe the website will help answer many of your queries but any other questions you have or if you would like me to personally give you a presentation on the structure, aims and attributes of the Fund please just contact me directly.  And don’t be shy - if you would like me to present to you and/or your company then just ask.  

I should close before these thoughts become too long but finally just a quick reminder of the range of services now offered by Financial Orbit directly or indirectly.

  • The new Dynamic Opportunities Fund as described above for all investors looking for an actively managed, global stock picking Fund.

  • For anyone interested in free-to-air macro summaries there is the five time a week Financial Orbit Macro product which you can sign up to at relevant tab at the Financial Orbit website. Additionally the Financial Orbit website will continue to publish each Sunday my popular Stories we should thinking about finance and related primer ahead of the new working week.

  • Consultancy opportunities encompassing tapping my knowledge base on both macro and stock-picking related investment matters are still available.  Send me an email with your requirements or interests and I am delighted to try to help. I would also like to publicly take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to both my historic and current/continuing consultancy clients who for reasons of client confidentiality I don’t talk about very much on the Financial Orbit website or other medias. Your ongoing support and enthusiasms are much appreciated: thank you.

Exciting times indeed! I look forward to reporting on progress on all fronts before the fifth anniversary of the launch of Financial Orbit in mid-July 2018...or quite possibly beforehand!

Thanks for reading

Chris Bailey
Founder, Financial Orbit Limited

T: @financial_orbit

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