Sunday, 13 August 2017

Stories we should be thinking about

Stories we should be thinking about

Macro matters:

So much for that August dullness! We have all learnt far too much about nuclear weapons in the last week.  But just to help put it all into perspective I thought this via @visualcap was rather good.

Inevitably it has led to some apocalyptic-style thinking. I guess you can rank this as “useful to know!”

Bookmaker Paddy Power has slashed the odds on the possibility of the world ending this year from 500/1 to 100/1 (link here )

And if you are reading this in the UK and were wondering where you should live if North Korea targeted the major conurbations…

Let’s bring it back to financial markets.  Oh no, look what happens in a ‘7’ year!

But - as the two charts below show – in today’s world (and high consumption-centred world) consumer sentiment matters.  On this basis it is correct to be a bit cautious both globally…

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