Monday, 3 April 2017

The end of quarter full performance update for the FO Stocks preferred lists is now available

The end of one quarter and the start of another is always a busy time here at Financial Orbit.

On Friday 31 March we published our once-a-quarter evolved preferred stocks lists covering both our global ex-UK and pan European (including the UK) lists of larger cap names as we try and find ways to back money in the second quarter of 2017 and beyond...

You can access that list here. 

On Monday 3 April we published the performance of our preferred stocks lists during Q117.

As I noted on Twitter earlier today:

Read how my Stocks preferred lists have generated 10.6% pts & 7.2% pts of alpha vs benchmarks in the last 15 mths

You can access the full performance statistics here

So what's next?  Well on Wednesday 5 April the new Financial Orbit presentation pulling together macro thoughts, performance data and individual stock choices will be issued.  

Look out for a link to this on Wednesday 5 April.  

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